Volunteer Positions

The following positions are important volunteer roles that the Maryland Green Party is looking to fill with people who have certain skill sets or experience. These positions are a great opportunity for people to get more directly involved with the party.

Read below for more information about the available positions and how to apply to be part of the team.

We highly appreciate and thank those who contribute to the party in these ways, which will have positive impact on the entire State of Maryland.

Job: Rapid Response Team Member

COMMITTEE: Press and Publicity


PURPOSE: In response to events and happenings, the Rapid Response Team (RRT) assists the Coordinating Council (C.C.) in putting out press releases on behalf of the Maryland Green Party. The focus is primarily on state issues, but is not limited to local, national, and even international happenings. 

ROLE: A Rapid Response Team member will search for content generated by local Green Party chapters in the state and make sure critical content is amplified through the website. Most importantly, they will draft press releases in response to sudden, unpredictable political events. 

VIBE: Take a few minutes each day to catch up on Maryland State affairs. While we will always catch the major headlines, often there are events that go under-reported by the corporate media and are by extension ignored by the major parties. We wish to address issues important to the Maryland People and not just what is designated as important by the Annapolis bosses. We want to maintain a sense of currency of engagement that is improved upon what we currently have in operation. Volunteers can expect to spend 30 to 60 minutes for each day that there is a need for a rapid response. 

PEOPLE: You will work with the Coordinating Council (C.C.) and the Press and Publicity Committee for guidance. Efforts will be coordinated with Social Media contributors.

IF INTERESTED: Please email a brief statement of interest to marylandgreens@gmail.com

Job: Social Media Contributor

COMMITTEE: Press and Publicity


PURPOSE: In coordination with the Rapid Response Team, we are looking for additional contributors to assist in responding to current events. More pressing, we currently need more central coverage of standard posts that need to happen regularly regarding calls for fundraising / volunteering, and platform highlights.

ROLE: Each week, you will craft variations on core content that needs to go out regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This content will be approved by the Press and Publicity Committee. 

VIBE: Pick a day of the week that works for you. That will be your deadline. Create the needed content before that day each week. Likely this will take 2-3 hours but it could take as little as 30 minutes for those who work quickly.

PEOPLE: You will work with the Rapid Response Team and relevant committees to develop a social media strategy. The Coordinating Council (C.C.) will give you feedback on messaging.

IF INTERESTED: Please email a brief statement of interest to marylandgreens@gmail.com

Job: Legislative Lead

COMMITTEE: Legislative


PURPOSE: Beginning no later than Autumn, the Legislative Committee must establish its priorities for the next Maryland General Assembly session. Legislation will be evaluated for compatibility with Green Values and the party's Platform.

ROLE: The Autumn and Winter will require lots of planning with the Legislative Committee to find sponsors for legislation being proposed by the Maryland Green Party. In addition, recommendations will be determined on legislation for the Coordinating Council to support and to oppose. Alternatively, these recommendations will be made to Greens elected to the House of Delegates or State Senate if electoral gains are made this November.

VIBE: The Legislative Lead can expect to dedicate a minimum of 24 to 30 hours per month during the legislative session, and 8 to 10 hours per month when the General Assembly is out of session.

PEOPLE: You will work with the party's elected leadership that makes up the Coordinating Council (C.C.) for guidance. Day to day volunteer efforts will be coordinated with other members of the Legislative Committee. If Green Delegates and/or Senators are elected in November, the Green legislative caucus will replace the guidance of the C.C. with the mandate and authority of these publicly elected Greens.

IF INTERESTED: Please email a brief statement of interest to marylandgreens@gmail.com

Job: Loomio Moderator

COMMITTEE: Membership


PURPOSE: To maintain order on the Coordinating Council's (C.C.) online decision making platform. In addition to the C.C. Loomio group, each committee has its own group on Loomio, and there is a group for all Maryland Greens to participate in. The latter of the groups especially must be regulated so keep out trolls and to maintain civil discussion. 

ROLE: Loomio Moderators will accept and remove people from Loomio groups, and look out for threats made in any group. 

VIBE: Moderators are expected to check Loomio at least twice a week, but are encouraged to spend 5 to 10 minutes each day to scan discussions and approve new group members.

PEOPLE: You will potentially interact with any registered Green in Maryland who chooses to participate on Loomio. In the worst case scenario in which a Committee member or a C.C. member were to make a threat to another individual over Loomio, moderators will work with the Conflict Resolution Committee to assist in their investigation. 

IF INTERESTED: Please email a brief statement of interest to marylandgreens@gmail.com


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