Coordinating Council Members

The Coordinating Council is the State Central Committee of the Maryland Green Party. It meets on 4th Tuesdays, by Zoom, and consists of the Officers and the Local and At-Large Delegates. Contact anyone listed ...

  • by e-mail at [email protected]
  • by phone at (410) 691-3204
  • by mail: P.O. Box 23018, Baltimore, MD 21203

Officers July 2023-June 2024

  • Charlotte McBrearty, Co-Chair
  • Mary Rooker, Co-Chair
  • Brian Bittner, Secretary 
  • Tim Willard, Treasurer

Local Chapter Coordinating Council Delegates

  • Baltimore City: Bill Barry
  • Montgomery County: Nancy Wallace

At-Large Delegates Aug. 2023-June 2024

  1. Renaud Brown (Baltimore City)
  2. Harry Isaksson (Talbot County)
  3. Andrew Messick (Montgomery County)
  4. David Tibbetts (Allegany County)

GPUS National Committee Delegates

(listed by seniority)

  1. Mary Rooker
  2. Charlotte McBrearty

GPUS National Committee Alternate Delegates

  1. Andrew Messick, First Alternate
  2. Renaud Brown, Second Alternate
  3. [vacant], Third Alternate

Local Chapter Contact Info

Baltimore City
Facebook Page | Facebook GroupTwitter

Montgomery County
[email protected]
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Prince George's County
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