Volunteer Positions

The following positions are important volunteer roles that the Maryland Green Party is looking to fill with people. All are welcome to volunteer, and we highly encourage those with relevant skill sets or experience. These positions are a great opportunity for people to be more directly involved with the party.

Read below for more information about the available positions and how to apply to be part of the team.

We highly appreciate and thank those who contribute to the party in these ways, which will have positive impact on the entire State of Maryland.

Position: Ballot Access Petitioner

COMMITTEE: Ballot Access


PURPOSE: To regain ballot access for 2020 through 2024. We need 10,000 valid petition signatures to regain ballot access.

ROLE: Petitioners will work with the ballot access coordinator to help petition at local events across the state.

VIBE: Identify days around your schedule for when you're available to volunteer. Volunteers can expect to spend at least an hour for each event they volunteer for.   

PEOPLE: You will work with the Ballot Access Coordinator and other volunteers. You will engage with public, specifically people registered to vote in the State of Maryland.

IF INTERESTED: Please complete the volunteer form and select "Petition for Ballot Access"

Position: Legislative Volunteer

COMMITTEE: Legislative


PURPOSE: The Legislative Committee will establish its priorities for the next Maryland General Assembly session. Legislation will be evaluated for compatibility with Green Values and the party's Platform.

ROLE: The Legislative Committee will seek sponsors for legislation proposed by the Maryland Green Party. In addition, recommendations will be determined on legislation for the Coordinating Council to support and to oppose.

VIBE: Legislative volunteers can expect to dedicate the bulk of their time and energy during the legislative session (January through April), and less so when the General Assembly is out of session.

PEOPLE: You will work with the party's leadership that makes up the Coordinating Council (C.C.) for guidance. Day to day volunteer efforts will be coordinated with other members of the Legislative Committee.

IF INTERESTED: Please complete the volunteer form and select "Lobby the General Assembly"